Power Plate - Naples

27 minute workout ~ 90 minute results!         1 Samuel 16:7  

Acceleration Training

The way the body reacts to the Power Plate® machine follows the same principles as conventional strength and power training - the body simply responds to a set of stimuli. Positioning the body on the Power Plate® machine's vibrating platform in a standing, kneeling, lying or sitting position causes a set of chain reactions at different biological and physical levels. The different systems involved in these responses are the bone and connective tissue, neuromuscular, vascular and hormonal systems. These complex systems interact to provide the necessary reactions to the training environment.

The Power Plate® machine causes mechanical vibrations to oscillate in three directions :
  • Vertical axis (up-and-down), Z axis in diagram
  • Frontal plane (side-to-side), X axis in diagram
  • Sagital plane (front-to-back), Y axis in diagram

The manipulation of frequency (rate of vibration) and amplitude (size of movement) creates what is known as acceleration, which can be compared to g-forces on earth. Our bodies are accustomed to and respond to the gravity on earth, which is defined as one g-force. The force of gravity the body experiences is dependent on mass (weight), so by increasing mass (such as lifting a barbell or dumb-bell) your body builds strength to cope with the increase in force.
Training on a Power Plate® machine however manipulates acceleration, therefore creating an environment where the body is stimulated to increase force due to higher g-forces, without the need for additional loads being placed on the muscular-skeletal system.
The rapidly moving surface stimulates the body's reflexes to induce the responses needed to keep the individual upright and allows the muscles to produce more force on an unconscious level. The physiological evidence of this improved muscle strength can be seen through neurological and myogenic adaptation.