Looking for a Personal Trainer in Naples, FL that offers unparalleled services in a comfortable boutique-style, clean environment? Want to use top-of-the-line power plate machines to ramp up your workout routine? Allow our Certified professional trainers to take your routines to the next level at our studio or your home.

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What really separates us apart from other fitness gyms in Naples, aside from the quality of work that our team produces, is the diversity of services we offer. We cater to all; whether you’re interested in being in a group setting, want to work directly with a trainer, or require flexibility to have us come to you…. not to mention most of our workouts are only 27 minutes!

In-Studio Personal Training

Having a certified personal trainer helping enhance your workout will generate results usually unachievable by yourself; the motivation and inspiration alone is enough of a driving factor to be thankful for. Because of this, you’ll not only leave each session feeling better about the short time you spent working out, you’ll be more likely to live a healthy lifestyle beyond our fitness Studio. We use the same Power Plate machines that we use are also used in the NBA, NFL, NHL, and PGA tours.

Extreme Water Fitness

We offer a wide array of Water fitness classes for beginners to experts. When working out in a group setting, most will feel a sense of encouragement to push harder, which will allow better, more rewarding results. At your own private pool, our group or private water training classes can hold as many people as your pool can hold, our sessions are for all fitness levels.

In-Home Training One-On-One

Our in-home personal training in Naples is ideal for those who are more comfortable working out at home while being trained by a professional. By doing this, we can extend our already superior personal trainer experience by assisting with new services such as aquatic aerobics, weight training, and outside workouts – perhaps at the beach, in your backyard, and even your own pool. Don’t forget to invite your friend or spouse to become accountable for your workouts.

ZOOM LIVE Virtual Classes

Our LIVE Zoom Training classes are ideal for individuals that seek an impactful workout that requires being in the comfort of your own home or gym. This type of LIVE Zoom class is meant for you to get an amazing workout to burn calories and strength-train all in a short amount of time. We recommend that invite family to join in with you.

In-Studio Partner Training

For some, working directly with a personal fitness coach One-on-One is ideal, but for others, a partner, spouse or friend, will provide better results. No matter your preference, you will have a fitness expert guide you through the process of transforming your mind and body with unbeatable results.

Athletic Hiit Training~

Heighten your senses, have quicker reaction times and be in full control of a body that is more capable of playing sports – whether for golfing, tennis, badminton, or what have you. Our HiiT (High-intensity interval training) is held outside on a field of some sort that’s specialized and customized-for your-sport and is ideal for any age or endurance level. Some people add this session in once or twice a week just to give themselves an endurance boost to get in shape quicker and or lose weight.




Along with being trained by energetic certified fitness coaches committed to making your life better, we use one of the latest trends in fitness to accelerate your results: Power Plate.

  • You’ll have better circulation and cardiovascular functions

  • Your muscles will have more power and strength

  • Your eye-hand coordination will become more effective

  • We offer a fun, safe, and welcoming environment

  • Our power plate machines are state-of-the-art

  • Our trainer-to-client ratio is unrivaled


Should you have any questions about our fitness center, equipment, trainers, classes, or more, feel free to fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.